Self-publishing Resources

Being a self-published author can be challenging sometimes – there’s a lot more to it than writing! I thought I’d share some resources that I’ve found helpful.


Open Office – a free office suite including a word processor. You can save in Microsoft formats, which you’ll need for uploading to Smashwords.

Calibre ebook management – a program that can save html documents as epub, mobi and more.

Kindle Previewer – allows you to see your ebook as Kindle readers will – invaluable for publishing on Amazon.


The Book Cover Store – a really nice selection of premade ebook covers at a good price – $30 or under.

Bookfly – a much pricier way to so it, but if you want a cover designed to your specifications they seem to do nice ones. – if you prefer to make your own, this is a good, free image program.

Morguefile – some free images you can use on your DIY covers or for other purposes.


Goodreads – a great starting place for getting your name out there.

How to get an eBook to #1 on Amazon – I’ve not tried all of them but there are some really interesting ideas in this article.

11 Cheap (or free) Advertising Methods – not geared towards authors but there are some great suggestions.


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