BOOK RELEASE: The Pirate’s Plaything – Book Two

pirates plaything 2 jam

When the Navy ship HMS Jemima is taken by pirates in the Caribbean, Lieutenant John Roberts agrees to go over to the pirate ship as a captive, to ensure that the pirates don’t hurt his men.

What he isn’t expecting is his instant and intense attraction to the pirate captain, Richard Granville – or that when Granville demands that John pleasure him, he would agree instantly, even though the Bible says that it’s a sin, even though he’s married.

John has never been attracted to a man before, but he wants Granville more than he’s ever wanted anyone.

Will he be able to resist him – and does he really want to?

Note: This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read this for free!


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Granville wastes no time.

Taking a key from his belt, he unlocks the cell door, grabs John’s arm and drags him out. Pushing him against the wall he steps forward, their bodies colliding, and his lips capture John’s.

A moan escapes John’s lips. He can’t help it. His whole body feels hot and shaky – a result of the earlier climax, he tells himself, but it’s not true. It’s nothing to do with what happened earlier, and everything to do with what’s happening now. Granville’s body against his, tongue pushing into his mouth.

God help him, but John wants him. Wants him more than he knew it was possible to want someone.

When Granville pulls back, they’re both breathing hard. He grins, then grabs John by the arm and pulls him out of the brig.

Once more, there are other pirates belowdeck, going about their duty, and they catcall John as he passes. Even more than before, but then, John is topless. He’s also half-hard, even though he came only minutes ago. It’s likely that his lips are red from Granville’s kisses, too, for they were not gentle. There can be no doubt in the minds of the pirates what their captain is going to do with their captive.

It’s for the safety of my men, John tells himself, then wonders how long that half-truth will keep convincing him.

Once they get to Granville’s suite, John is pushed through the door, which is locked behind Granville. He gives John a rakish grin, and then strips off his coat, his shirt, casts his sword and belt to the side.

Again, John is quite distracted by the sight of Granville’s chest, so strong and broad, covered in hair, the skin tanned and scarred. Want is like a tug in his stomach, and quite without meaning to, he takes a step towards Granville.

“Well, well,” Granville says, putting his hands to John’s waist and pulling him in, so that they are touching skin-to-skin. “Are you finally willing to admit that you want me.”

“No,” John says.

He is not willing to admit that – but neither is he willing to lie and say that he doesn’t want him.


Amazon US

Amazon UK


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