BOOK RELEASE: The Pirate’s Plaything – Book One

When the Navy ship HMS Jemima is taken by pirates in the Caribbean, Lieutenant John Roberts agrees to go over to the pirate ship as a captive, to ensure that the pirates don’t hurt his men.

What he isn’t expecting is his instant and intense attraction to the pirate captain, Richard Granville – or that when Granville demands that John pleasure him, he would agree instantly, even though the Bible says that it’s a sin, even though he’s married.

John has never been attracted to a man before, but he wants Granville more than he’s ever wanted anyone.

Will he be able to resist him – and does he really want to?

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There’s a pause, and then John forces himself to do as Granville asks. Remove his jacket: an easy, almost innocent request. Granville takes it from him, throws it onto the chest beside his own. He walks around John, circling, but doesn’t touch, only looks.

But then he is standing in front of him, and his hands go back to John’s hair.

You’re such a lovely thing,” he says. “I bet you’re prettier than that wife of yours. You’re certainly prettier than most of the whores I’ve fucked, whether they be men or women.”

Is that what I am?” John finds himself saying. “Your whore?”

Hmm,” Granville says, and smiles. “I suppose you are. Now. On your knees.”

John considers arguing, or fighting, but pushes those thoughts away. This is for his men, he tells himself sternly. For their safety. It is absolutely not because his thoughts are suddenly full of what Granville’s cock might taste of, how it would feel on his tongue, or because of the way that those thoughts make his own cock start to harden.

Slowly, shaking, he gets to his knees.

Very nice,” Granville says, looking down at him. “I didn’t expect you to be this obedient.”

I am responsible for my men,” John says, and tries not to wince when his voice shakes. “If this is what it takes to ensure their safety, so be it.”

And yet,” Granville says, stepping closer, his hands going back to John’s hair. “I see something in your eyes when you look at me. A spark. A heat. A *need~. Do you want me, John Rogers?”

No,” John whispers, but he can’t meet Granville’s eyes as he lies. He expects to be struck then, but instead, he gets a thumb to his lips. He looks up, and Granville smiles.


Amazon US

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