BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince Anthology Volume Three (Books 9-12)

gay master slave erotica

As part of a peace treaty, Prince Kam of Ramia became the concubine of Prince Ryuu of Tarra. He thought he would hate it, but he loves it. The sex – and the feelings, too. Prince Ryuu is kinder than Kam could have dreamed, and he’s falling for him. But then Kam is snatched away. The peace he gave up so much for is under threat – and so is his happiness.

This anthology contains the FINAL books, nine to twelve, of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It’s over 20000 words of M/M erotic romance with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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“There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for you, my concubine,” Ryuu murmurs. “Especially since I’ll be away for a week after tomorrow. I wanted to share this with you before I left.”

Kam bites his lip, feeling a little shy, and says, “I will miss you, while you’re gone.”

Ryuu’s eyes widen, as though he hadn’t dared to hope that such a think could be true, and then he smiles so very tenderly, and leans in to kiss him. When he pulls away, Kam smiles and snuggles into his arms, continuing to gaze out of the carriage window. Many people are bustling through Tian, not just Tarrese but people from all across the empire and beyond. Kam thinks he even sees a few enterprising Ramian merchants.

The carriage crosses a bridge spanning the mighty Gyanna river, and Kam stares at the blue water sparkling in the sunlight, at the two halves of Tian on either side of the river. It’s as beautiful as any fairytale city.

“On this side of the river is the Council of Mages, the university, the School of Architects – many centres of learning that make Tian – and Tarra – great.”

“Oh? And here I was thinking that it was the royal family that did that,” Kam says, turning away from the beautiful city to smile at him. “Especially the handsome Crown Prince.”

“Well, I do try,” Ryuu says, and kisses him again. This time it isn’t such a quick kiss. His hand slides inside of Kam’s robe, the skin on skin contact making Kam shiver. Ryuu’s fingers run over Kam’s skin, his tongue pressing into his mouth. In moments both of them are breathing heavily, and Kam is quickly getting hard.

Kam breaks off from the kiss so that he can shift to Ryuu’s lap, straddling him. The kiss resumes, and Ryuu tugs open Kam’s robe so that he can wrap a hand around Kam’s shaft. Kam groans, his fingers digging into Ryuu’s shoulders as he starts to stroke him.

“Is that good?” Ryuu asks, and Kam nods.

“So good.”

Ryuu smiles and moves his hand faster, until Kam is gasping and shivering under his touch.

Leaning in to kiss his neck, Ryuu asks,”Do you want more?”

“Gods, yes. Please!”

Ryuu pulls his hand away, and Kam groans. “Please, Ryuu, master, don’t stop.”

“Only for a little while,” Ryuu says and smiles. “I have a plan, but we have to be back in the harem for it. You can wait for me, can’t you?”

“Anything, master,” Kam breathes as he slides from Ryuu’s lap and back into his seat, but he has to grab handfuls of his robe to stop from touching himself.


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