BOOK RELEASE: Experiment 753 – Part 2

alien human gay erotica

Starship captain Nick Valdez and the alien pirate Datell are ex-lovers, and they’re captives of grey aliens. They’re being experimented on: mist being pumped into their cell makes them uncontrollably horny and unable to resist each other while the greys watch. But being near Datell has reminded Nick of how good things used to be together, and this time, he wants Datell on his own terms.

This is part 2 of the Experiment 753 series, and it’s a 3900 word story of HOT M/M action including knotting, anal sex, deep throating and more. It is STRICTLY for adults only.


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In the bright, clinical lights of the cell, it’s impossible to tell how long Nick and Datell have been trapped in there. A week? Longer? With no day or night, simulated or otherwise, it is impossible to tell, and outside their tiny window, there’s only the vast blackness of space. There have been a few moments where Nick almost gave up hope of ever getting out of here, but Datell’s kept his spirits up, telling him that he will get him away from this, whatever it takes.

As for what they’ve been doing – there’s been a lot of sex. After the second time, they agreed to start kissing as soon as the mist was pumped into the room. It’s their way of taking control of the situation. Kissing, leading naturally to sex, because once upon a time they cared for each other.

Now, leaning against Datell in this tiny white cell, Nick thinks he might care for him again. God, he never thought he’d see Datell after he left. Didn’t want to see him. But now – he’s being kind. Caring. Like the Datell that Nick used to know. The one he thought was just a cover, a pretence, an act. Right now, though, there’s no need to pretend, so maybe it was always real. It doesn’t change the fact that Datell betrayed him, but it’s something.

He looks up, at Datell, who looks down at him with a tired smile. They’re both naked, have been since that first day in here. Nick tries not to think about how amazing Datell looks, with that toned body, the gorgeous purple skin. He swallows and looks away.

“What I wouldn’t do for a cheeseburger right now, Datell says, and Nick can’t help but smile. He’s always loved human junk food. Whenever they were on Earth, or one of the Alliance planets that did good Terran food, Datell would eat it all – pizza, burgers, fried chicken. The protein shakes that their grey alien captors have been providing don’t really hit the mark.

“As soon as we get out of here,” Nick says. “First thing we’re doing is hitting up a burger joint.”

“One that serves good beer.”

“Oh, hell yes,” Nick says. Beer sounds really good right now. He looks at Datell for a moment and then shakes his head with a wry smile. “I never thought I’d be planning to have dinner with you again.”

“Maybe it can be a date,” Datell says. “Since we’ve already had all this sex.”

Nick laughs, and then takes a moment to look at Datell. He leans in and kisses him. Datell makes a startled noise and blinks at him.


“These bastards have been forcing us into this – how about we do it of our own free will for once?”
Datell stares at him, openly shocked, and then smiles. “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that. A lot.”

They kiss again, Datell’s lips so soft against Nick’s. Datell bites, gently, and then not-so-gently, at Nick’s lower lip, making him groan. That’s so fucking good, Nick’s already starting to get hard. He clambers into Datell’s lap, straddling him.


+ Amazon US

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