BOOK RELEASE: Master’s New Pet – Part 3

gay shifter erotica

Ever since he was a teenager, Rick wanted a Canid. Genetically engineered creations, Canids are mostly human with a splash of canine DNA to give them dog ears and tail, and a couple of other traits besides. Totally obedient, always agreeable to sex, and specifically engineered to be utterly gorgeous. Now that he’s had Sammy for a month, he takes Sammy to a Canid Park so that everyone can watch just how much fun they have together.

This is the FINAL part of the Master’s New Pet series. It’s a HOT 4800 M/M short story including oral and anal sex, rope bondage, voyeurism and genetically engineered sex slaves with animal DNA. It is STRICTLY for adults only


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The weekend arrives, and they’re on their way to the Canid park.

Rick’s read all about it online – the rules, the etiquette, that sort of thing. There are different sections of the park, depending on what sort of Canid you have. It makes sense; the Canids bred for security have a tendency for short tempers, and they’d probably scare the crap out someone like Sammy, gentle and sweet and made for the good things in life. The area for the pleasure breeds are to the north of the park, and it’s made up of gardens with tents for privacy, and there’s even a few walled off open spaces, one for watching and one for sharing. Rick has no intention of sharing Sammy, and he has little interest in enjoying another Canid, as much fun as that might be. Sammy is more than enough for him. Watching, though, and being watched? That might be nice.

He thinks of all those other Canids he saw when he bought Sammy. Though he might not want to have sex with them himself, watching them with other men? He likes the sound of that.


+ Amazon US

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+ All Romance eBooks


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