Writers Who Lunch

writers meeting

Meeting up with other writers is great.

In May, I went to an event for erotica writers. It was in Scarborough, called Smut by the Sea, run by Smut UK. It was an amazing day (and not just because of the fresh doughnuts bought on the seafront, yum). There’s an event in Manchester in October, and I’m really hoping to go and meet some more great people.

At the event, I met up with a few local writers, and now we meet up for lunch more-or-less monthly. Not only do I have a great time chatting to these lovely ladies, I always learn something new.

Last Monday, I met up with Jennifer Denys and Ashe Barker (Kryssie Fortune usually joins us, but she couldn’t make this one). Ashe had been to Eroticon recently, and she spoke so highly of it, I’d love to go next year. As well as the usual workshops about writing, one in particular caught my attention. There was a Dom who did a scene with his sub, and as he did he spoke about his thought processes. It sounds amazing! And of course, she said it was wonderful meeting up with other erotica writers, both people Ashe knew through Facebook, and new friends. As someone who has gone to places as far as Chicago and Boston to meet fellow writers, that really appeals to me.

We also discussed other writerly matters, like how to stay motivated, and how to promote your books. As someone who has trouble with self-promotion (I come over all shy!),  I was definitely listening closely to that advice. I talked a bit about self-publishing, and all the trials that can involve – for me, formatting is my greatest foe. I love how generous these ladies are with their advice, and how much fun we have.

If you’re a writer, I really recommend trying to meet up with some locals, especially in your genre. It’s fun, it’s useful – just beware, you might end up with a huge list of reading recommendations!


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