Gay Erotica Now on Kindle Unlimited!

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If you’re on Kindle Unlimited, good news! You can now read most of my gay erotica books for free! I’m really excited about this, Kindle Unlimited is such a great program, especially if you love erotica. As many hot, sexy reads as you can manage? Yes please!

Here’s the details of what’s on offer:

The Concubine Prince

(Amazon US + Amazon UK)

The countries of Ramia and Tarra have been at war for years, and Ramia is on the brink of defeat. When the Emperor of Tarra suggests a peace treaty, the Ramians have no choice but to agree to it – even if it means giving their beloved Prince Kam to the Tarrese Crown Prince as a concubine.

Kam is a virgin and knows nothing of the ways of pleasure, but if he wants to ensure peace for his people, he had better learn quickly.


Coach Me

(Amazon US + Amazon UK)

Tom Jensen’s the star football player at Santa Clara High. He’s dating Cindy, the gorgeous cheerleader, and is absolutely straight. Or that’s what he’s always thought.

But when he’s late to practice for the third time, Coach Robbins offers him an alternative to detention that makes Tom question just how straight he is.


Taken by the Tentacle God

(Amazon US + Amazon UK)

Mack Davison is an adventure extraordinaire. He’s heard of a temple that’s brimming over with gold, and how could he resist? But when he gets there he’s captured by the priests and tied up, naked, like an offering. They offer him gold beyond his wildest dreams, but there’s a catch: he has to pleasure the tentacle god and survive the experience.


Blood and Lust at the End of the World

(Amazon US + Amazon UK)

In the zombie apocalypse, Josef Van Helsing finds himself teamed up with the last person he ever expected – a vampire. Dimitri is gorgeous, of course, but Josef sure as hell didn’t expect to have the filthiest, most incredible sex of his life with him. Turns out he was wrong.


The Statue’s Lust

(Amazon US + Amazon UK)

Steve is a sculptor, and he has finally finished his masterpiece. A statue of a man, in the Greek style, it’s beautiful and incredibly lifelike. Even so, Steve has a bit of a shock when it starts to move, claiming to be possessed by the god Apollo. He has even more of a shock when it says it wants to sleep with him.


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