BOOK RELEASE: Employee of the Month

employee of the month ARe

Pete’s had a bad month at work. He’s missed all his targets and now he’s been called into his boss’s office. Instead of the usual telling off, his boss suggests a different kind of discipline: bending Pete over his desk and spanking him until he screams. Pete can’t agree quickly enough.

This is a HOT 3600 M/M erotic short story including spanking, gags and gay sex, and is STRICTLY for over 18s only!


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“Calm down, Pete. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s not as bad as that. Yes, you could have done better, but you’ve got a good track record. We’re not letting you go.”

The relief is intense, and Pete gulps down the water before he can start babbling his thanks.

“However, I am disappointed,” Mr Roberts says, and Pete winces.
“I’ve been thinking about it, and I was wondering if you might like to make it up to me.”

Is Pete imagining things, or does Mr Roberts have a – look in his eyes? A hungry look, to match his smile from a few moments ago. Pete opens his mouth, wondering if he’s about to make a terrible mistake, and says, “Yes, sir. I’d very much like to make it up to you.”

The tiger smile is back, and Pete drops his hands into his lap in a vague attempt to hide his erection. “I’m glad to hear it. I’ll tell you what I’d like, and you are welcome to refuse. I won’t hold it against you. But I will say that this is all off the record.”

“Absolutely, sir,” Pete says, with no idea at all about what Mr Roberts could possibly be talking about.

“The thing is, Pete, I’ve seen the way you look at me.” Pete’s cheeks instantly burn with a blush, and he starts stammering a refusal, but Mr Roberts shakes his head. “Don’t deny it. I know what I’ve seen. And I’ve seen your hard on, too,” he adds, his gaze dropping to where Pete’s dick is tenting his trousers despite his meagre attempts to hide it.

“Uh,” Pete says, not really sure what else he could possibly say. It’s not like he could deny something so obvious.

“Here’s my suggestion. Let me have my way with you, and all is forgiven.”

“Your – way? You want to have sex with me?”

Mr Roberts chuckles. “Perhaps, one day. But right now – well, right now I want to bend you over my desk and spank you, like the bad boy you are.”

Pete’s mouth drops open, and he can’t think of a single response to that. Mr Roberts – his boss – wants to spank him. Here, in his office. Right now.

On the one hand, Pete’s not into kinky stuff. On the other hand, he’s never been harder in his life.

“Alright,” he says softly. “I – I’ve never done it before. I don’t know- I don’t know if I like that sort of thing. I mean – I know it’s for you and not for me, but-”

“I would infinitely prefer it if you enjoy it, Pete,” Mr Roberts says, and stands again. This time I can see that he is hard too, and his cock looks huge. Pete stares, unable to look away. “Tell you what – we use safewords, alright? Green to keep going, Yellow to slow down, Red to stop.”

“And – if I say red?”

“We stop right away. We don’t speak of it again.”

Pete nods, still staring at Mr Roberts’ cock. “O-okay. Then what do I do?”

“Tell me a colour, Pete. Do you want to start? Do you want me to spank you?”

“Yes. Green.”

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