BOOK RELEASE: Experiment 753 – Part 1

gay alien abduction erotica

Starship captain Nick Valdez wakes up in a strange cell. Even worse, the only one in there with him is his ex-boyfriend, the alien pirate Datell, who betrayed him and broke his heart. The two of them are just about ready to punch each other’s lights out, but their captors have different ideas. A strange mist is pumped into the cell that makes both men so horny that they have no control over themselves. They’re going to have sex for their captor’s pleasure, whether they want to or not.

This is a HOT M/M short erotica story that is strictly for over 18s only.



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A hissing sound interrupts them. Nick glances up and sees a fine pinkish mist coming from the air duct.

“Oh, great. You pissed them off and now they’re trying to gas us.”

“Nick-” Datell comes over to him, looking up at the vent and then at Nick. “Whatever they’re doing – whatever they’re going to do. I’m sorry, for everything that I’ve done. It was the right thing for me to do – I had to do it. I wish I could explain, but there isn’t time. I just want to say that I never meant to hurt you. Can you forgive me?”

“You want absolution at a time like this?”

“What better time is there?”

Nick swears, but his head is already starting to spin. Maybe Datell’s right, maybe it would be better for both of them if he can forgive him. He turns to look at Datell, and is suddenly struck by how gorgeous he is. That elegant bone structure, the beautiful blue eyes. His lips are so full – God, Nick remembers what it was like to kiss them. And his body, Datell has an incredible body. He’s so strong. He used to hold Nick down and fuck him, it always made him feel so good to have Datell take him like that.

The images play in his head like a holomovie. Datell bending him over a tale and fucking him. Riding Datell’s cock in the back of a spaceshuttle. Nick tries to drag his thoughts away – they have to get out of here! – the the memory of two gorgeous twins joining them for a weekend on the moon of Io invades his brain.

“N-Nick,” Datell says, licking his lips. “I – I suddenly can’t stop thinking about you. About us.”

“Yeah,” Nick breathes. Datell used to gag Nick. Tie him up. Dominate him. As captain, Nick might have been in charge in their day to day life on the ship, but in the bedroom, Datell was master. He’d spank Nick if he was bad and didn’t obey quickly enough. If he was good, he’d make him come so many times that he physically couldn’t get it up any more.

He’s got it up now, he’s achingly hard. Before he even knows what he’s doing, he sinks down to his knees.

“Nick? What – what are you doing?”

“Tell me what you want,” Nick asks, his voice cracking.

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