BOOK RELEASE: The Statue’s Lust

statue ARe

Steve is a sculptor, and he has finally finished his masterpiece. A statue of a man, in the Greek style, it’s beautiful and incredibly lifelike. Even so, Steve has a bit of a shock when it starts to move, claiming to be possessed by the god Apollo. He has even more of a shock when it says it wants to sleep with him.

This is a HOT M/M 3200 word short, and is strictly for adults only.

Note: This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read this for free!


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When the spots fade from his eyes, he turns to look at his statue in the bright sunlight–

His jaw drops open.

The statue – this statue, made of marble – hard, unmoving marble–

Well, it’s moving.

Rolling its shoulders as though it’s stiff, looking down at its hands, making them into fists and then stretching out his fingers and admiring them.

Oh my God, Steve thinks, but he doesn’t move, doesn’t do anything. What can he do? So he just stares as the statue looks down at itself – himself, Steve corrects, his gaze dropping down to the statue’s impressive manhood. And then the statue lifts his knee, pulling free from the raw marble base with a loud CRACK and stepping down to the floor. There’s a thud as he does, and then he looks over at Steve, who is still frozen and open-mouthed.

“Thank you, little mortal,” the statue says, in a voice that sounds amused, and there’s also a bit of an echo, as though he’s speaking in a canyon.

“I- You’re welcome,” Steve manages. He must be dreaming. He doesn’t remember going to sleep, but he must have, because this has to be a dream.

The statue walks over to him with thudding footsteps, and pauses before him. He’s about half a foot taller than Steve, much broader and stronger. Not that Steve’s a weakling, but he made this statue to be the perfect figure of a man.

I succeeded, Steve thinks, licking his lips as he looks over the statue’s impressive body, his beautiful face.

“Do you know who I am, little mortal?”

“I – I made you to be Apollo.”

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