BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book 11


Kam’s brother has rescued him, but Kam is horrified. This will plunge Ramia and Tarra into war – and he misses Ryuu terribly, as well as his harem mates. After pleasuring himself while thinking of his master, Kam is sure of one thing: he must get back to his master, whatever it takes.

This is part eleven of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 4300 word M/M chapter with explicit content.


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The instant Kam wakes, he knows he isn’t in the harem.

The bed is hard, the covers are thin and scratchy. Even the acoustics are different, echoing and dull.

When he opens his eyes, Kam doesn’t believe what he sees.

A large room with stone walls covered by tapestries done by someone who isn’t a fan of colour. A stone floor that Kam knows will be cold under his feet. The bed is fairly small, with a dark wooden frame. The windows are small and look out over a stark and forbidding garden that’s mostly tall, sturdy trees and thorn bushes.

Kam sits up and then groans at the ache in his head. His vision swims, but it is enough to tell him that he is somewhere he should not be.

He is in his bedroom in the castle in Ramia.

For a moment he’s so confused that he wonders if everything that’s happened could be a dream, if he never really went to Tarra at all. But no: when he looks down at himself, although he is wearing a cream shirt and brown trews, nothing like anything he’s worn this past month, he’s also wearing his golden collar, and when he pulls aside the collar of his shirt he sees the tattoo, a dragon nestled in clouds.

“My dragon,” Kam murmurs, thinking of Ryuu as he touches it. Wary of his aching head, Kam pushes to his feet and puts a hand to the wall for a moment until the room stops spinning. There’s a cup of water on the nightstand, and he drinks deep. It helps a little. He heads over to the door, but it’s locked, and there’s no key anywhere. He frowns down at it, hears voices on the other side.

“Hey!” He cries, hammering on the door. “Let me out of here!”

“Your brother is on his way, Prince Kam,” a voice says, muffled by the wood, but the door doesn’t open.

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