BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book 9


Now that Kam has let Prince Ryuu take his virginity, it is time to pay his debts. Kam promised Emperor Jian that he could sleep with him once he had given his first time to his master. Jian cares nothing for Kam, and uses him like the whore he is – and to Kam’s surprise and shame, he likes it. But the contrast to Ryuu’s tenderness makes Kam consider his true feelings for his master.

This is part nine of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 6500 word M/M chapter with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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Kam aches, even before he opens his eyes. It’s a good ache though, because it immediately brings to mind what happened the night before.

Sex with Ryuu. Incredible, mind-blowing sex, better than Kam ever thought it would be. Just the thought of it makes him bite his lip, makes his cock start to get hard. That, and the warmth of Ryuu’s body beside his. A hot, heavy arm draped is over his waist.
Finally Kam opens his eyes. Ryuu is still asleep, his dark hair fanned out on the pillow behind him. Kam smiles, and tentatively runs his fingers through it. His heart aches a little, but just like the ache in his body, it’s a good one. He gave himself to Ryuu last night. Gave him his virginity. Not because he felt he had to, but because he wanted to. And he wants to do it again. Maybe not just yet – he’s not sure he could take it – but soon.

For a while he just watches Ryuu sleep, still full of wonder at the thought that he’s no longer a virgin. It’s such an important thing in Ramia. Both men and women stay virgins until they marry. It’s sacred. Kam touches his collar, and smiles. Is the collar not as sacred as a golden ring of marriage? Is the bond between concubine and master not every bit as strong as that between husband and wife?

Kam bites his lip. Is it? Is what he feels for Ryuu the same as Unther feels for his wife? He was forced into this position – and yet Ryuu let him take things as slowly as he needed. Ryuu let him take his time in getting used to his new role as a concubine, was always kind and generous. Certainly Kam has enjoyed spending time with him: playing tafl, talking, sharing smiles – not to mention the more physical fun they’ve had.

Ryuu stirs, his dark eyes fluttering open. He sees Kam in front of him and goes very still, his eyes opening wide. He stares, and then lifts a hand to Kam’s cheek, his touch feather-light, as though he’s not quite sure he’s real. Kam smiles for him, and kisses the palm of his hand.

“Good morning, Ryuu.”

“Good morning,” Ryuu breathes, and then the arm around Kam’s waist tightens, pulling him close. Kam is expecting a kiss, but Ryuu instead buries his face in Kam’s hair, holding him tightly. Unexpected, but far from unpleasant. Kam relaxes in his arms, returns the hug. “I was sure it must have been a dream,” Ryuu murmurs, and Kam shakes his head.

“No dream – I can tell because of how much I ache.” He means it as a joke, but Ryuu pulls back to look at him worriedly.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, no. It’s a pleasant ache.” Kam is the one who starts the kiss; soft, slow. The tension in Ryuu’s arms eases as they lose themselves in the kiss, in each other.

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