BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book 8


Forced to be Prince Ryuu’s concubine as part of a peace treaty, Kam was surprised to find out that he rather liked it. He likes his strong, handsome master; he likes being tied up by him, likes tasting him, even likes his master sharing him with the other concubines. But now, he’s decided he wants something more: Kam wants to give his virginity to his master.

This is part eight of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 5500 word M/M chapter with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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In the doorway, Kam freezes. Ryuu and Yenna are- They’re laying together, their bodies entwined, and Kam-

Kam looks away, emotions churning in his chest, weighing him down. He’s never felt like this before. The nearest equivalent he can think of is when Unther chose to play with his friends instead of Kam. But that’s ridiculous – he knows that he is not the only concubine, and since Kam has not been willing to share his body like that yet, why shouldn’t Ryuu take his pleasures elsewhere? The thought might be true, but it does nothing to stop the pain blossoming like an ugly flower.

Buri puts his hands to Kam’s shoulders and gently directs him towards the furthest part of the harem, near the bookcases. But since there are no walls in here, they are separated only by sheer blue curtains that do nothing to hide their moans and panting. They do little to hide them from vision, either, Kam notices when he glances over to see them kissing. The jealousy twists in his chest, barbed and ugly, and he forces himself to look away and glare at the floor instead.

“You know,” Buri says in a low voice, where he sits by Kam’s side. “If anyone should be jealous, surely it’s me?”

“I’m not jealous.” The words come instantly to his lips, even though he knows they’re not true. He is jealous, even if it is ridiculous.

Buri snorts. “Oh, I know that look, Kam. I’ve worn it myself a few times, though I like to think that I’ve mostly gotten over it by now. So – do you want to talk about it?”

There’s nothing to talk about, Kam almost says, but a moan from Ryuu stills his tongue. He squeezes his eyes shut just as his heart is squeezed in his chest. What’s the point in denying it any longer? Buri knows jealousy as much as Kam ever has, and he got over it – perhaps he can help it hurt less.

“It’s just, I like Ryuu. He’s a good man, and the way he treats me – like I’m special. Precious. It makes me feel important. Even though I am – was – a prince, I was the second prince and always aware of it. I’m small, and if not weak, then not particularly strong. My brother, Unther, is exactly the kind of prince my people wanted – tall and strong and fierce, a great warrior. I suppose it’s a good thing he’s the crown prince and not me. So he always got all of the attention and the praise. All I ever got was sighs and disappointed looks. But Ryuu- he’s different. He looks at me like I matter.” Kam’s sudden outburst comes to a stop when he realises what he’s saying. He’s never talked about this to anyone. Unther is a good man and a good prince, and moreover he’s a good brother. Kam feels like a bad person for being jealous of him.

“Of course he looks at you that way – you do matter. You matter a great deal. He was half in love with you before you even arrived,” Buri says, and Kam’s cheeks burn. In love? Surely not. “When the message came that you had volunteered to be his concubine, for the sake of peace, he had such a look of wonder. He called all his advisors to him, to find out everything he could about you. And he came here to wax lyrical about you – how brave you were, how noble. How excited he was to meet you. Now that you’re here, surely you’ve seen the way he looks at you.”

Kam blushes – he has, and he loves it. “But he-“ He glances over at Ryuu and Yenna’s entwined bodies again, and just as quickly away. “He can never be mine. Just mine. Even if I was alone in his harem, he would have to marry a woman to bear him an heir. So there’s no point in this – this jealousy.”

“There isn’t,” Buri says, shrugging. “Sometimes it happens though. You just have to make sure it doesn’t consume you.”


“By remembering that he cares about you too. If I start to feel that way, I just remind myself that Yenna is in love with me – that I’m the one who has his heart.”

“I can’t say that about Ryuu, though.”

There’s no immediate answer, and Kam looks up at him to find Buri looking at him. “Can’t you?”

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