BOOK RELEASE: Blood and Lust at the End of the World

bood and lust done sm

In the zombie apocalypse, Josef Van Helsing finds himself teamed up with the last person he ever expected – a vampire. Dimitri is gorgeous, of course, but Josef sure as hell didn’t expect to have the filthiest, most incredible sex of his life with him. Turns out he was wrong.

This is a HOT 4000 word M/M story with an explicit sex scene, and is not suitable for under 18s.


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In the three weeks we’ve been running from the zombies together, he’s fed about eight times that I know of. Mostly on animals – deer, coyote – but the last time it was on a guy who agreed to it in exchange for bullets. Dimitri only took a pint or so, and the guy was fine after a lie down. That sustained him much more, he didn’t need to feed for a week afterwards, but the way he’s looking at me now…

I think I owe him.

“I need a drink,” I announce, and leave him there while I go searching for the booze. I grab a couple of glasses along with the bottle of whiskey, and head back up, my heart pounding. I sit back down next to Dimitri, offering him a glass which he takes, and watches me as I pour the amber liquid. I look at him as I sip my own drink. He’s good looking, of course. Stunning. I’ve never met a vampire who wasn’t. Short brown hair, silvery-grey eyes. Excellent bone structure, slightly crooked nose – he must have broken it before he was changed. And his lips – man, lips like that are meant for kissing. Among other things. The old me, before the zombies, would have been horrified at the thought of kissing a vampire. But the end of the world has a way of changing things. Of changing you.

Dimitri is watching me just as closely, and I’m slightly unnerved by the way his gaze keeps dropping to my jugular.

“Look,” I say, finishing off my glass, and then deciding I need another. As I pour, Dimitri cocks his head.


I knock back the drink in one, and wince as it burns by throat. The way it makes my head spin slightly is pleasant, though. “Look, I guess – I owe you, right? You just saved my life. And maybe you were joking with the sustenance thing, but I can tell you’re hungry, and-” I undo a few buttons of my plaid shirt and pull open the collar. “Take what you need. Just – be careful.”

Dimitri stares at me, in disbelief this time. “Josef Van Helsing is offering to feed a vampire. Am I dreaming?”

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