BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book 7


Prince Ryuu gives Kam a very special gift: a toy to give him pleasure. And it really does, Kam’s never felt anything so good. Never, that is, until Ryuu orders Kam’s fellow concubines to enjoy Kam’s body. Being pleasured – and giving pleasure – to two men at the same time is the best thing that Kam’s ever felt in his life, especially when his master finishes the night by claiming his own pleasure from Kam.

This is part seven of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 5500 word M/M chapter with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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When Kam is called to Ryuu’s rooms later that day, as soon as he sits down, his prince offers him a red lacquer box about the size of a book.

“It’s a gift for you,” Ryuu tells him after giving a kiss.

“A gift?” Kam asks, with delight in his heart, and his fingers trace the edge of the box, wondering what’s inside. It’s not often that he’s been given gifts; it’s not really a Ramian tradition, other than a sword on the sixteenth birthday.

Ryuu nods. “Open it.”

Kam does. Inside, nestled on golden silk – well, Kam isn’t sure what it is. It’s made of a dark purple crystal – amethyst, Kam thinks. Completely smooth, a teardrop shape above a flat base. Kam can’t even begin to guess the purpose, and he looks up at Ryuu.

“I give up. What is it?”

“It’s a toy, to go inside of you,” Ryuu says, smirking. Wide-eyed, Kam looks back down at it, and picks it up. He gasps at how heavy it is. How thick. Looking up at Ryuu, he gives him a nervous smile.

“It’s a lot bigger than your fingers.”

“It’s designed to be a halfway point. So that you can get used to having something bigger inside of you.”

“I – I see.” Kam holds it up to the light of the window, and sees the purple colour more clearly. He sees rainbows too, dancing inside of it. It’s a beautiful object; obscenely beautiful considering that the main point of it is to be inside of him, unseen.

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