BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book Five


Since everything in Tarra is so new to Kam – not least his duties as a concubine – he has asked Prince Ryuu if there’s someone who can teach him more. One of the Emperor’s concubines is also a scholar, and she would be the perfect person to teach Kam about his new home. But there’s a catch: the Emperor will only let Kam study with her if he agrees to get to his knees and pleasure him.

This is part five of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 5000 word M/M chapter with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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After they’ve left, Kam talks to the others while they wait for Ryuu, and it helps to still the nerves that start to prickle whenever he thinks of Jian. He’s laughing at one of Buri’s dry jokes when Ryuu steps into the harem. He’s dressed up as well, a high-necked tunic over silk trousers in his signature colours of black and red. His hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, and having his hair off his face highlights his fine bone structure. He looks glorious, and as he walks over he looks at Kam – at Yenna’s handiwork – his smile turns hungry.

“I think I see your touch here,” Ryuu says to Yenna, who nods modestly. “I didn’t think Kam could get any more beautiful, but you have managed it.”

“You said you wanted him presentable,” Yenna says, smiling as Ryuu kisses him. Kam is startled when jealousy flares inside him.
What right do I have to be jealous? If nothing else, Yenna was here first.

Yes, he thinks, but Yenna has Buri. Why does he get to have Ryuu as well?

It’s an effort not to roll his eyes at himself. He is a concubine. Ryuu might want to share Kam with other men, and Kam must share Ryuu with Yenna and Buri. Jealousy is an unwise choice.

“He is more than presentable.” Ryuu steps forward to kiss Kam, rather more passionately than he did Yenna. “I would much prefer to take him to my bed than to my father.” He sighs. “Unfortunately, Father has little free time at the moment and we must see him now or it will take another two weeks. Are you ready, Kam?”

“Yes.” Kam pushes up to his feet and looks up at Ryuu. Their height difference – as always – rouses his desire. Ryuu’s height, his strength, the broad shoulders and the confidence in his eyes – all of these things make Kam want to drop to his knees.

Later, he tells himself, wondering when he got so wanton.

Ryuu takes his hand and leads him over to true doorway, where he takes the golden leash from its hook and clips it to Kam’s collar. Kam lets out a shaky breath, startled by how much he wants this. This is the first time he has been leashed since that first time – from what he can tell it’s more of a formal arrangement. It’s one he very much likes, however. In the last ten days of exploration, of getting to know himself and what he likes, Kam has found that he is more submissive than he would ever have guessed. But even those experiences pale in comparison to this, to being collared and leashed, to seeing in the most obvious terms that he belongs to Ryuu.

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