Book sale!

Smashwords are doing a great sale for Read an Ebook Week! They’re inviting authors to put their books on sale to encourage readers to check out new titles, and I’m taking part! Two of my books will be on sale this week only at 50% OFF! Just use the code RAE50 at checkout!


The Concubine Prince Book 1

The countries of Ramia and Tarra have been at war for years, and Ramia is on the brink of defeat. When the Emperor of Tarra suggests a peace treaty, the Ramians have no choice but to agree to it – even if it means giving their beloved Prince Kam to the Tarrese Crown Prince as a concubine.

Kam is a virgin and knows nothing of the ways of pleasure, but if he wants to ensure peace for his people, he had better learn quickly.

CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! $2.99 $1.50

coach me 1 areCoach Me (Book 1 in the Coach Me series)

Tom Jensen’s the star football player at Santa Clara High. He’s dating Cindy, the gorgeous cheerleader, and is absolutely straight. Or that’s what he’s always thought. But when he’s late to practice for the third time, Coach Robbins offers him an alternative to detention that makes Tom question just how straight he is.

CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW! $2.99 $1.50


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