BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book Three


It’s Kam’s first full day in the harem of the Tarrese palace. He doesn’t know what his new life will be like, but waking to see two of his fellow concubines pleasuring each other gives him something of an idea. And then he is summoned to Prince Ryuu’s rooms, to do his duty as a concubine.

This is part three of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 6500 word M/M chapter with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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“Don’t look so afraid. It will feel good, I promise.” Kam nods, still feeling nervous. “We’ll start slowly. With a kiss.”

Putting a hand beneath Kam’s chin, Ryuu tilts his head up to kiss him. Kam’s eyes flutter shut; he’s never been kissed before, he doesn’t know what he should do. Jian might have trained him in using his mouth to pleasure Ryuu, but kissing wasn’t part of that. Indeed, from what Kam understands, no-one but Ryuu himself is allowed to kiss his concubines, save for any permissions he might give, as he has to Yenna and Buri.

All of these thoughts race through his head before Ryuu’s lips touch his, but once they do, all thought is whisked from Kam’s mind. The kiss is soft, and sweet, and instantly Kam relaxes. It makes him want to melt against Ryuu, but instead he rests a hand on his chest. Never would he have thought that a simple kiss could affect him like this, but it affects him even more when Ryuu opens his mouth to slide his tongue between Kam’s lips. Kam moans, and this time he does melt against Ryuu’s body, pressing close, and his hands grab Ryuu’s robe to keep him where he is. Gingerly at first, he strokes his tongue against Ryuu’s; but when Ryuu hums approvingly, he does it again.

So this is what kissing is, he thinks breathlessly. It’s like being swept away on a tide, tugged by the undertow.

“So you do want me,” Ryuu says, and Kam’s throat feels too thick to answer. It’s wrong, and he shouldn’t – he especially shouldn’t want this man who is his captor. Ryuu takes hold of Kam’s jaw, and makes him look at him. His dark eyes are bright with desire, and it makes Kam feel weak to see how much he wants him. “Tell me, Kam.”

“I- I-”

“I can feel how hard you are – there’s no point denying it.”

“If you know, why ask?”

“Because I’m your master, and I want to hear it.” At the word master Kam wants to drop to his knees, to get into that same utterly submissive bow, but Ryuu’s hands, tight on his jaw and hip, hold him where he is. His cheeks burn at the humiliation of having to say the words, but even that makes his cock throb.

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