BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book Two


Kam arrives at the Tarrese palace, knowing that his life is about to change. A prince no more, he is a concubine, a slave. First he is prepared – pierced and tattooed, and dressed in rich robes, before being presented to Crown Prince Ryuu, his new master. Kam knew that he would be expected to pleasure him, but he wasn’t expecting to have to get to his knees before a crowd of watching nobles…

This is part two of The Concubine Prince serial novel. It is a 5000 word M/M chapter with explicit content, and is strictly for over 18s.


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When he reaches the dais, Kam lowers himself onto his knees, as the advisor told him, and then he drops into a full bow so that his forehead touches the floor. The advisor says something in Tarrese that takes a long time and sounds very flowery. Kam stays where he is, wondering how he’s supposed to know when to rise.

Eventually, sounding annoyed, the advisor says in Common, “Greet your new master, concubine.”

Kam stands and forces himself to look up at Ryuu, who still has that appreciative smile on his lips. He steps up onto the dais, and then drops to his knees, bowing his head to Ryuu.

“This is Kam, prince of Ramia,” Emperor Jian says, to Ryuu and to the court as a whole, in Common so that everyone can understand. “As part of a treaty joining Ramia to our glorious Tarrese Empire, Kam has surrendered himself to us, as is tradition, to be my son’s concubine. I acknowledge his bravery, and thank him on behalf of both myself and all the people of my empire for his noble act.” There is a polite-sounding round of applause. “Now, Crown Prince Ryuu will collar his concubine, and take his first pleasure from him.”

Ryuu stands and steps forward, and Kam notices that he has a collar of gold in his hands, about an inch high and very thin, with a ring at the front of it.

“You are my concubine,” he says, his voice deep and rich, very manly, and despite everything Kam feels his cock twitch at the sound of it. Ryuu puts a hand beneath Kam’s chin to tilt his head up, so that their eyes meet. Kam is startled to see Ryuu looking at him like he’s an incredibly precious thing, like the most wonderful gift imaginable. It startles him out of his fear and his self-pity.

“I – I am yours,” he manages, remembering the words. “I am your concubine.”

“And I am your master,” Ryuu says, and puts the collar around Kam’s neck. It clicks with a finality, and Kam’s mouth moves wordlessly, feeling that now even more than with the tattoo, his fate truly is sealed.

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