BOOK RELEASE: The Concubine Prince – Book One


The countries of Ramia and Tarra have been at war for years, and Ramia is on the brink of defeat. When the Emperor of Tarra suggests a peace treaty, the Ramians have no choice but to agree to it – even if it means giving their beloved Prince Kam to the Tarrese Crown Prince as a concubine.

Kam is a virgin and knows nothing of the ways of pleasure, but if he wants to ensure peace for his people, he had better learn quickly.

This is part one of The Concubine Prince series, and it is a HOT 5000 word M/M story that is strictly for over 18s.


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When Unther has finished reading, he looks up at Jian. For a long moment he doesn’t say anything, just looks at him as though trying to figure out what his plan is, why he is giving Ramia such a generous treaty.

“And the exchange of prisoners? No doubt you want every prisoner of war handed over to you, every Tarrese who has ever graced our prisons.”

“The prisoners of war, yes; but those will be exchanged for your own prisoners. The king, however; we require a much more precious exchange for him.”

“Spit the words out,” Unther says, but Jian only smiles.

“All royal families whose countries belong to the Empire give their second child to the imperial family.”

The second child would be Kam, and he stares at Jian. “What do you mean, ‘give’?”

“These princes and princesses join the imperial harems,” Jian says, and his smile widens as he looks Kam up and down hungrily. “You would belong to my son, Ryuu, who will be emperor after me. My own tastes don’t much run to men, but Ryuu’s do – and you’re such a pretty thing, Prince Kam.”

“No,” Unther growls, while Kam is still processing his words. “I will not give my brother over for you to use as a whore.”

“As I said, I have little interest in him myself,” Jian says, though the lustful look in his eyes suggests he has at least some interest. “And he would be an honoured concubine, living in luxury and doted upon.”

Concubine, Kam thinks weakly, feeling like he’s been punched in the gut. They want me as a concubine? The prince’s concubine?

The very thought would be a horror to most of Ramia: same-sex attraction is seen as abhorrent, a great sin against the gods. That Kam secretly favours men to women – indeed, he has no interest in women at all – is a close kept secret. Not even his family knows: he’d have to go into exile or face execution. But to be forced into doing whatever Prince Ryuu wants fills him with horror and terror – and if there’s also a slight bit of curiosity and desire mingled in, he refuses to acknowledge it.

“But without freedom, and he’d have to spread his legs whenever your son demands it!” Unther says, and Jian nods.

“Yes; though I dare say he might grow to enjoy that.”

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