BOOK RELEASE: Be With Me (Coach Me book 4)

coach me 4 are

High school football star Tom has been secretly sleeping with Coach Robbins for six months, and it’s been incredible. He never knew how good being with a man could be. But now Tom has graduated and is about to move away for college, where does that leave them?

This is the fourth and final part of the Coach Me series, and it’s a HOT 5000 word M/M erotica short. STRICTLY for over 18s only

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But at the same time everything’s different. No longer student and teacher; their whole dynamic has changed. And here in Coach’s apartment, that changes everything too. It’ll be like their first time all over again. That thought makes the nervousness come back all of a sudden, and Tom bites his lip.

Coach rubs Tom’s back soothingly, and says, “Everything okay, Tommy?”

“I’m just a bit nervous, I guess. Don’t suppose I could have a beer? Take the edge off?”

“Good idea,” Coach says, and reaches down to take Tom’s hand. He squeezes it as he leads Tom back into the living room, and Tom realises that they’ve never really held hands before. That realisation makes him smile; makes the nervousness ease up.

Coach gets them both a beer and they sit side by side on the sofa, watching reruns. Coach’s thumb plays over the back of Tom’s hand, making him shiver, wanting those hands elsewhere. By the time he’s halfway through his beer his horniness has overcome his nerves, and he drinks the rest quickly, wanting to get on with things.
He puts the empty bottle on the table, does the same with Coach’s, and then pushes him down to the sofa to straddle him.

“That nervousness has quit bothering you, then?” Coach asks, amused, and Tom nods before kissing him. It’s a messy kiss, wet and slick. Seems like Coach is as horny as Tom is. Both of them explore each other’s bodies hungrily: Coach’s hands slide around to Tom’s ass, squeezing, while Tom runs his own hands over Coach’s abs and pecs. He gets hard almost instantly and groans. No-one has ever turned him on as much as Coach does.

One of Coach’s hands goes to the back of Tom’s head, holding him in place so that he can take control of the kiss, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. Tom whimpers and grinds his hips against Coach’s – that gets him a bitten lip.

“You’re feeling horny tonight, huh?” Coach asks breathlessly, and Tom nods.

“Sure am, Coach.”

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