BOOK RELEASE: Bed Me (Coach Me book 3)

coach me 3 are

Tom is a high school football star with a secret: he’s been sleeping with his coach for over a month. Now things are getting serious between them, but they can’t let anyone know about it. Coach has shown him so many things already, and wants to show him even more. So Coach rents out a room in a motel so that they can have some privacy and enjoy some serious sexy time together. And once more, Coach reminds Tom of how little he knows about being with a man, and how very, very good it feels.

This is part three of the Coach Me series, and it’s a HOT 5000 word M/M erotica short. STRICTLY for over 18s only.

Note: This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read this for free!


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Since Tom broke up with Cindy, none of the cheerleaders will talk to him. A couple of the football players are giving him the cold shoulder, too. But Tom doesn’t mind, not really. Breaking up with her was the right thing to do. It wasn’t fair on her, seeing Coach Robbins behind her back.

The week after he first slept with Coach, he decided that he couldn’t continue on like that. It was either Cindy or it was Coach. And despite having been dating Cindy for a year and a half, Tom couldn’t stop seeing Coach. He couldn’t. And so he broke up with Cindy. A month later, he still doesn’t regret it.

He’s been seeing Coach a few nights a few after class. They’ve not been doing sexy stuff all the time; they’ve been doing normal, sort-of-dating activities too. Chatting, sharing favourite YouTube videos, watching movies on Tom’s iPad. As fun as it was letting Coach do all the sexy stuff to him, Tom likes this even more, because it means Coach doesn’t only want him for sex. And honestly, cuddling up might be even better than sex. Well, maybe. Tom would like to do a whole lot of experimenting to find out.

Tonight’s going to be a good opportunity for that. Coach has booked them a room in a motel just outside of town so that they can spend the weekend together.

At first Tom was a little apprehensive – a traditional hangout for roaches and hookers don’t exactly sound like a romantic weekend. But as he pulls into the parking lot, the motel turns out to be pretty nice. It’s clean, for one thing. He glances at his phone and checks the message from Coach – he’s waiting in room 209. Grabbing his overnight bag, Tom gets out of the car and heads for the room. Upstairs and around the back of the motel, it’s the end room. That’s good; it means they only have one neighbour. Since getting with Coach, Tom has realised that he gets really damn loud when he’s being fucked in the ass.

Grinning at his thoughts, Tom raps on the door. He sees a shadow cross the peephole, and then the door swings open. Coach looks gorgeous in tight jeans and an even tighter t-shirt. All of his muscles are on show, and his nipples are hard and easily visible through the thin cotton. Tom swallows.

“Glad you made it,” Coach says, gesturing Tom inside.

“Of course I did. As if I was going to pass up a whole night with you.” Tom lets his bag drop to the floor and then turns to Coach, reaching out to run his hands up and down his arms. The feel of all that hot, hard muscle makes him bite his lip, his cock already showing interest.

“Glad to hear it,” Coach says, and kisses Tom; but it’s far too brief, more of a tease than anything else.

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