BOOK RELEASE: Take Me (Coach Me book 2)

coach me 2 are

After all the fun he had with Coach, Tom can’t wait to experience it again. In fact, he can’t stop thinking about it – in the shower, in class, while driving, doing his homework… It’s safe to say that he’s only got one thing on his mind. Since Coach promised to give him something special if the football team win the game, Tom puts everything into making it happen, and when it does, he goes to Coach for his reward…

This is a part two of the Coach Me series, and it’s a HOT 5000 word M/M erotica short. STRICTLY for over 18s only.

Note: This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can read this for free!


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“Get this thing off,” he says, and Tom does so, grinning at the hunger in Coach’s eyes as his gaze roams over his abs and pecs, his biceps and forearms. Relentless training has given Tom a great body, and he’s glad to see that Coach appreciates it. But Coach trains hard too, his biceps always straining against those tight t-shirts he wears. Coach has seen Tom topless before, in the locker room and in practice over summer when it’s too hot for anything more than shorts. It seems unfair that Tom hasn’t seen him naked, so he pulls Coach’s shirt off before he can even refuse.

“Fair’s fair,” Tom says, but he’s already distracted by the gorgeous muscles of Coach’s body. There’s a tattoo along his collarbone, something in Latin in a curling script, and another along his hip. A five-digit number – a zip code? Tom throws the thought aside. He can ask later. Right now, they have more important things to be getting on with.

Coach yanks him forward for another kiss, slick and so searingly hot that it makes Tom moan, but it’s swallowed up by Coach’s lips. They return to their desperate grinding and Tom feels like his pleasure is spiralling upwards, upwards – or filling him until he’s going to burst – or something else, Tom’s never had much talent for descriptions, but it feels damned good.

“Fuck, Tommy,” Coach murmurs against his lips, the words almost lost in his harsh breathing. “Do you know what you do to me?”

“I got an idea, yeah,” Tom says with a breathless laugh, and presses his forehead against Coach’s, giving them both a moment to catch their breath. “So, since we won and all – what’s my prize?”

Coach licks his lips. “Well, what do you want? It’s your prize, after all.”

A thousand ideas come to Tom, tripping over each other in their bid to get his attention. Some of them are only vaguely formed – there are still a whole lot of things about gay sex that he doesn’t know, although the RedTube marathon of the past few days has given him something of a condensed education.

“I want… Whatever you want. Honestly – you know more than I do, and I just want everything. I couldn’t choose. You’re the coach, right? So coach me.”

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