BOOK RELEASE: API Case 002: The Ghost in the Adult Store


Van was a cop in New York, but one night changed all that. After a close encounter with a fox spirit, she realises that the world is a lot weirder – and a lot sexier – than she ever thought. A few months later, she’s working for the Agency for Paranormal Investigation, and is excited to get her first case: A haunted sex shop. With all those toys and a very horny ghost, she’s in for a real treat.


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Nights in New York City are always starless, but the twinkling lights of the skyscrapers make up for it.

That’s what Officer Vanessa Jones has always thought, anyway, but then she’s been a city girl all her life. Her partner, Rick, always moans about it, but he’s from Bumflap, Middle-of-Nowhere in rural Virginia, where according to him, the Milky Way spreads across the sky like milk from a witch’s tit. Bit of a poet is Rick.

Right now he’s in Maynard’s Donuts getting them coffee and a couple of Boston Cremes. Gotta live up to the cliché of the New York cop after all.

Van waits outside, gazing at the lights of downtown. Man, she loves this city. Pollution and scumbag criminals, the music of drunks and car horns and-

Wait, what was that?

It’s a sound she’s not heard before. A weird sound. The nearest thing to it is the freaky mating noises she’s heard from the urban foxes out in Central Park. As far as she can tell, it came from the alley way across the street, but it’s too dark to see anything down there.

She hears the noise again. Though her skin prickles with fear, Van crosses the street, hand on her gun. She’s going to feel pretty silly if this does end up being a fox, but she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something human about it. If it’s someone being attacked or in pain, she’s got to help them. With her other hand she takes out her flashlight and flicks it on, its beam illuminating a strip of the alleyway. It’s not as bright as it should be and she hits it against her palm, swearing. That’s when she notices something flash silver, the way a cat’s eyes flash in headlights-

But it’s six feet from the ground.

A cat on a trash can, she thinks, trying to convince herself that this is something completely normal – why wouldn’t it be.

“H-hello? This is the police, is everything okay?” The cat – or whatever it is – doesn’t move. The silver lights dim as it blinks, and despite herself, despite her fear, Van steps forward. “Look, nothing’s going to hurt you. I- I just need to check everything’s okay.”

As she slowly walks deeper into the alley, the dim illumination from her flashlight finally reveals the creature, and Van can only stare.

It’s human. Sort of. Most of it is. Since it’s naked she can tell that it is most definitely male. Finely muscled, with tawny skin and reddish hair, he’s kind of hot. The fox ears and tail, though – they’re kind of weird.

A costume, Van tells herself, but she doesn’t believe it. She can’t stop walking forwards, either, towards him. He makes a noise like a low growl, ending on a high note like a question.

“It’s okay,” she says. “I won’t hurt you.” She takes her hand off her gun and lifts it.

He growls again, a different kind of growl, and she’s startled when she responds to it, starting to get wet. It’s a primal response like she’s never felt before, and desire rushes through her veins.

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