BOOK RELEASE: API Case 001: The Alien at Area 51


The Agency for Paranormal Investigation (API) is a secret government agency which deals with paranormal activity. Ghosts, yetis, vampires – anything you can think of. And within the API there’s a special team that deals with a very – unique – kind of paranormal activity.

The sexy kind.

Specially trained to deal with amorous spirits and lusty legends of all kinds, these brave men and women investigate reports of close encounters of a sexual nature – and have a fantastic time doing it.

Case 001

This story tells the tale of the API’s very first paranormal experience. Investigating Area 51, Agent Carrie Engel’s CIA colleague is possessed by an alien who is curious about human mating experiences, and it won’t leave until it gets what it wants. Carrie is happy to assist in every way she can, showing this extraterrestrial every kind of loving she can think of and then some.


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The vast New Mexican desert spreads out on all sides of them, vast and empty. Dark hills in the distance provide a break between the endless flat land and the breathtakingly blue sky above.
Carrie Engels is a city girl through and through, and the emptiness makes her feel uneasy. Used to buildings on all sides it feels strange to be in the midst of all of this flatness. Still, as the newest member of the Agency for Paranormal Investigation, she supposes she’d better get used to it.

“So what is it you do again?” That’s Jake Tyrell, CIA agent. He’s driving their Jeep and chaperoning her. Short black hair, bright blue eyes and tanned skin. Handsome as hell with muscles to die for. The short sleeves of his shirt reveal biceps that are really quite distracting. Shame he’s so damned annoying.

“The API investigates reports of paranormal activity – it’s right there in the name.”

“What, like bigfoot? Mermaids?” The mockery in his voice irritates Carrie, but she knows she better get used to that, too.

“Or bigfoot, or mothmen, or ghosts – anything at all. It’s a new agency, only started a few years ago in 1945, after the war ended and some of the Nazi intelligence came through to us. They were complete bastards, but they were worlds ahead of us with this stuff.”

“Stuff – like ghost hunts? How do you catch a mermaid anyway – you need a big net, right?”

Carrie glares at him. Jake’s the kind of man she either wants to punch or fuck and she isn’t sure which she’d rather do right now. “I specialise in extraterrestrials. Hence why we’re going to the crash site.”

“I’d still like to know how you know about that,” Jake mutters, turning off the interstate straight onto the sandy desert surface. Carrie winces as the car rumbles across the uneven ground, bumping them all over the place.
“We’re a government agency, Jake, just like yours.”

He barks a laugh. “Sure, missy. Your little make-believe monster troop is just like the CIA.”

“But you’re seen the spacecraft,” she says, shaking her head. “Are you telling me you don’t believe that it’s from another world?”

“Of course I do. It’s just common sense that critters live on other worlds. But this other stuff – no way.”

“Maybe you just don’t have high enough clearance,” she mutters under her breath.


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